19 July 2020

Hi Gen Z.
We hope you have had a good week, and are looking forward to the summer holiday's.
We are continuing in our series on the fruit of the Spirit, today we are looking at SELF CONTROL.

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What is Self Control?

Discuss with your parent/guardian.

Simply put, Self control is: Being in control of your actions and emotions.

If we look at the lives of an athlete or footballer who discipline there bodies through training and eating the right food, showing Self Control.

Then a few months later they are pictured by photographers coming out of a party drunk, with a woman on each arm, showing a lack of self control.

What areas in your life do you feel you lack self control?

Discuss with parent/guardian

Examples: 1) social media. 2) Games. 3) phone 4) Eating (too much chocolate)!

An example from the bible of someone who showed a lack of self control was Samson.

Read Judges chapter 16.

Samson got himself involved with ungodly women, which eventually got him to reveal the secret of his strength. Read: Judges 16: 17-19. (Which cost him his power)

Read 16: 21: (It cost him his eyes and his freedom)

Read 16: 23 - 31( Eventually costing his life)

A good example of self control from the bible is Joseph, who could of taken revenge on his brothers for throwing him into a pit and selling him into slavery to Egypt. But God used Joseph to deliver his people from the famine and to be restored in his relationship with his family. Read Genesis 45. (In your own time)

How do I get Self Control in my life?

Discuss parent/guardian

When we put our trust and faith in following Jesus, the Holy Spirit gives us the power to exercise self control in our lives.

2 Peter 1:3 says: His divine power has given us everything that we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

Steps to take in helping me develop self control:

  1. Pray asking God to show you areas in your life that need Self control.
  2. Look at people in your life and from the bible who are good examples of showing self control.
  3. Find someone you can trust, who you can be accountable to help you stick to a plan to show self control.
  4. Talk to God daily to help you in those areas of weakness.


Father, thank you that we do not have to face the challenges of the lack of self control alone.
You have given us your Holy Spirit to enable us to overcome in this area and demonstrate self control in every aspect of our lives.
As we go into the summer holiday period, help us to discipline our lives, getting the balance between, study, recreational and family time.
We ask these things in Jesus name

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12 July 2020


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