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Friday 24 April 20

Prayer points:

Prayers for wisdom and guidance

  • For leaders around the world
  • For leaders in the UK
  • For leadership in all churches

Prayers for NHS

  • For strength, endurance, protection of key workers
  • For continued supply of protective equipment
  • For continued funding and support

Prayers for Croydon

  • Croydon is a hotspot for COVID19 cases in London, pray for this to settle
  • For new staff being recruited to support work load in hospitals and care homes
  • For vulnerable people living and being cared for in care homes

Prayers for communities around the world

  • For protection of the vulnerable
  • For healing
  • For financial aid and for all needs to be met
  • For comfort for those who experienced loss
  • For those who are struggling with the lockdown, emotionally, feeling anxiety or depression

Prayers for the future

  • For this time to be a time of growth in numbers of people in churches and those who find faith in God
  • For growth in our intimacy with God
  • For this time to prepare and equip the people of God, to be more courageous
  • For a smooth transition back to normal for the economy and all the people

Friday 17 April 20

Prayer points:
  • Psalm 100 v4-5 & Psalm 121

  • Praise God for who He is! Lift our eyes off our current situation and onto our great God

  • Give thanks

    • What are we grateful for in this season?
    • Thanks for recoveries from illness
    • New cases going down in some countries
    • Community support
  • The world situation

    • The countries hardest hit
    • Less developed countries without the infrastructure to help and support all in need
    • Countries and global organisations to work together and share knowledge
  • Leaders: wisdom, discernment, courage , compassion and love

    • World leaders
    • Leaders across the UK
    • Leaders of science and research
  • Homes

    • Protection
    • To be places of safety, security and joy
    • Are the people inside vulnerable, lonely, overwhelmed, at risk, anxious, struggling financially or emotionally?
    • Comfort for all who mourn - for whatever reason
  • NHS and all key workers

    • Thanks and protection
    • Emotional trauma of what they are facing each day
  • Churches worldwide and our church

    • To be the hands and feet of Jesus
    • To be people of light and hope
    • God would be glorified
    • Ephesians 3 v14-21
  • Personal prayer requests

Friday 10 April 20

Prayer points:
  1. Praise and thanks to God:
    1. That so many people in UK are obeying the government in social distancing.
    2. For the courage and dedication of all medical and other frontline staff.
    3. That the number of infective cases is not rising exponentially.
  2. We pray that at this time many in UK through the work of the Holy Spirit will come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
  3. We pray for all world leaders that they will be granted wisdom, and for good international cooperation and action.
  4. We pray for the full recovery of Boris Johnson. We also pray for the UK government that they will make all the right decisions at the right time.
  5. We pray for all countries in Africa where infection is becoming widespread, that it may rapidly be brought under control.
  1. We pray for hospital chaplains all around UK that they will comfort the sick, the bereaved and the relatives of those in hospital. May they be filled with the Holy Spirit and bring all with whom they come into contact with an awareness of God's presence.
  2. We pray for the situation in Croydon. We give thanks that Croydon is coping well with those admitted to hospital. We pray for every one on a ventilator or oxygen. That they will continue to get excellent care and live, and that the staff looking after them will be kept safe. We pray for the 30 food banks in Croydon and that they will continue to meet the needs of those they serve. We give thanks for all volunteers in Croydon and that they will all be kept safe.

Friday 3 April 20

Prayer points:
  • Prayer of repentance: God says 'If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves .... And pray ..... 2 Chronicles 7: 14
  • Prayers for an outpouring of God's Spirit, grace and mercy upon all at this time
  • Prayers for world leaders - especially for countries being ravaged by coronavirus pandemic - Italy, Spain, USA, UK, France, Iran, China etc
  • Prayers for UK government - that they will have a heart for the things of God; for wisdom and guidance in decision making;
  • Prayers for those working in the NHS and the healthcare sector, emergency services, food and retail services and so on
  • Pray for those who are sick - either with covid-19 or other illnesses, for God's healing power on all; pray for the vulnerable, the lonely or isolated and those battling with Mental health issues - for them to experience God's divine Presence and comfort
  • Pray for our children and all our young ones - for Holy Ghost leading so they have meaningful engagements at this time and be not led astray in these days of increased social media and internet usage


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