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Friday 26 June 20

Prayer points:


I will exalt You, my God and King; and praise Your name forever and ever.
I will praise You every day; yes, I will praise You forever.
Great is the Lord, He is most worthy of praise! No one can measure His greatness.
Psalm 145: 1-3


It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to the Most High.
It is good to proclaim Your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening ...
Psalm 92: 1-2


  • Let us thank God for WCBC community - for God's abundant mercies on us all since March 15th when we last fellowshipped together f2f
  • Let us pray for our elderly, for those with underlying health conditions, for the vulnerable and isolated - that God's mercies will overshadow them and continue to sustain them
  • Let us pray for our youths and children - that God will uphold them and keep them safe and in faith still trusting and holding on to Him
  • Let us pray for all who work - those who have been at work and those now resuming, for God's protection and unfailing love on all
  • Let us pray for all in our church family who have lost jobs or in financial difficulties - that God of all provision will come through for them and as Jehovah-Jireh will provide
  • Let us pray for WCBC leaders - for wisdom and vision to know the mind of God and to fulfil the will of God, in the search for a senior minister and in taking the church forward according to God's plans
  • Let us pray for unity - that we may be one body though many members, all baptized into the same Spirit through our Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord is saying to us, WCBC:

For I'm building a people of power,
And I'm making a people of praise;
That will move through this land by My Spirit,
And will glorify My precious name.

And we pray:

Build Your church Lord,
Make us strong Lord;
Join our hearts Lord, through Your Son;
Make us one, Lord,
In Your Body;
In the Kingdom of Your Son

Amen and amen.

Coronavirus issues:

  • We thank God for all who have recovered from covid-19 infection, for containing the further spread of this virus in UK and for daily reduction in death numbers
  • We pray for all who are sick in body, mind, spirit and soul (discouraged, stressed out or fearful) as a result of this virus - for God's divine healing and deliverance
  • We pray that as lockdown is eased and businesses return to normal, that people will act responsibly and all will be safe as they go about their daily lives
  • We pray for all workers - NHS, keyworkers, transport staff, retail staff, school staff, care staff etc - for God's divine protection and safety for all
  • We pray for a total end to spread of this virus and people dying from it
  • We pray that those who are fearful and anxious about the unknown will receive the Spirit of boldness and soundness of mind - that God will draw them to His Word and to faith in Christ
  • We pray that the spiritual reawakening that has come upon people during this pandemic will continue, that more people will have an awareness of their mortality and be drawn to life-transforming resources online, in media and by word of mouth

UK and government:

  • We pray for PM Boris Johnson - for fear of God in his life that will lead to his salvation, for wisdom and direction of God as he leads UK and that regardless of advisers words, he will heed the counsel of God and be used by Him
  • We pray for those believers in government - MPs, Lords, ministers etc - that they will be bold to declare God's words and standards and be used of God to fulfil His purpose and plans for the UK
  • We pray for all in government, from elected officials to civil servants to ministers - that God will give them wisdom and clarity of vision to be faithful in whatever they are assigned to do
  • We pray Father - let Your Kingdom come here in UK as in heaven, let there be revival
  • We pray for the Royal family - for God's continued mercies on our Queen and all her family
  • We pray that the banner of Jesus will be raised high in the UK, the wiles of the enemy will fail and that ungodly policies and programmes being considered by government will be quashed

The world:

  • We pray for justice and equity in all nations of the world - that world leaders will fear God and eschew racism and discrimination in all aspects
  • We pray that the fear of God will take over the hearts and minds of leaders, so they will do what is right and just for their citizens - that there will be a positive change now worldwide concerning all issues of discrimination
  • We pray for leaders everywhere (esp African, Latin American) that they will rule with integrity and honesty, that God will remove corruption from their lands and that new opportunities will arise for citizens
  • We pray for revived economies for all nations of the world - that fresh opportunities, fresh ideas will come up, that will usher in hope and blessings where recession and despondency has been looming
  • Let God arise and let all enemies be scattered

Friday 19 June 20

1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever

Psalm 28:7
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

Prayers for WCBC

  • Vision and wisdom for the leadership of the church
  • The search for a minister for the church
  • That the elderly and vulnerable continue to be cared for and protected
  • Preparations for when the church can reopen
  • The healing of divisions in the church

Prayers for Coronavirus

  • That people who have returned to work will be safe
  • Public transport workers and commuters
  • Those who are vulnerable and BAME community
  • Now that all shops have re-opened � that customers will adhere to the rules and be sensible
  • Give thanks that the numbers of deaths are going down
  • There will be no second wave
  • Front-line and key workers will stay well and protected
  • Those who have lost loved ones and/or recovering from the virus
  • For those suffering mental illness.

Prayers for race relations

  • The healing of racial wounds in this country and worldwide
  • Show us how to extend God�s forgiveness and love to others
  • Comfort for the families of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks
  • That leaders are inspired with a vision where love and concern for one another drive out discontent, strife, anxiety, and fear
  • The unanimity of our society,


  • For the Prime Minister, his cabinet and other MPs, that they will seek the wisdom of God as they make decisions.
  • The race commission will effect change and not produce yust another report.
  • Scientists and others advising the Government.
  • World leaders

Friday 12 June 20

Prayer points:


  • Psalm 96
  • Spend time praising God for who He is.


  • 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18:

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Prayers relating to Coronavirus

  • NHS/care workers and the long-term traumatic situations they have been facing
  • Those grieving loved ones lost or worried about those who are currently ill
  • Fear and anxiety about catching the virus particularly among the vulnerable and BAME community
  • World situation, particularly Brazil and certain US states where cases are still rising worryingly
  • No second wave as lockdown continues to ease
  • Economic situation
  • Scientific research
  • Anxiety and fear because of uncertain future (job losses, business closures)
  • Wisdom for local, national and world leaders. Humility and willingness to listen

Prayers for schools and universities

  • Refresh and inspire all teachers and educators that have been working hard throughout lockdown in challenging situations
  • Protection for all children and staff at school
  • Protection of vulnerable children out of school and in worrying situations at home
  • Anxiety of many parents and children about children returning to school
  • Anxiety of those that have had their exams disrupted this year or next year and face uncertain future
  • Practicalities and emotional impact of social distancing at school for little ones
  • For school and university leaders trying to plan for full return in September
  • Wisdom and inspiration for government to enable them to give good, clear guidance

Prayers for race relations issues around the world

  • Comfort for family of George Floyd as they grieve the loss of a loved one in such a public arena
  • Protests would be peaceful and not hijacked
  • A willingness for all to listen and be ready to learn
  • Leaders to seek to unite and not divide
  • A spirit of repentance, forgiveness, justice and LOVE to sweep across our world

Prayers for WCBC

  • Comfort and peace of heart and mind for all those grieving in such difficult circumstances
  • All in need of help would be supported
  • Calling of a new pastor
  • Continue to find ways to help people stay connected and grow in their faith during this season
  • Preparations for when church can reopen
  • Wisdom and vision for leaders
  • Healing, unity and LOVE

Friday 5 June 20

Prayer points:

Prayer for West Croydon Baptist Church:

  1. Thanks for the life of Pauline and prayer for her family.
  2. The development of our growth groups.
  3. Sunday online services: preparation, delivery and impact of worship, sermon and prayers.
  4. Follow up and care of the elderly and vulnerable in our church.
  5. Maintenance of church building and preparation for eventual safe return.
  6. For all those in leadership in the church.
  7. The calling and coming of a new pastor to lead the church.
  8. For the healing of divisions in the church.

Prayer for the work of our Church in the community:

  1. Helping Hands in helping those needing food and other items.
  2. That the posters around the church will be noticed and point in the right direction.
  3. Care and follow up of the elderly and vulnerable.
  4. That outsiders will contact us for spiritual help and salvation. We have one wanting baptism.
  5. For every opportunity to be taken for evangelism and outreach.
  6. For good development of our relations with other churches in Croydon through weekly zoom.

Prayer for croydon health care workers:

  1. that there will be adequate PPE for all health care workers in hospitals, GP surgeries, District Nurse visits, and all Care homes.
  2. For all chaplains in Croydon as they comfort the ill, dying and bereaved pointing to Jesus Christ.
  3. For all Christian doctors, nurses and carers that they will be able to lead people to salvation in Christ.
  4. Thanks for the ongoing reduction in Covid deaths and that this will continue.

Prayer for the United Kingdom:

  1. That people continue to act responsibly and not be careless at this delocking time.
  2. That contact and tracing will be adequate and effective.
  3. Many drug trials are going on at present. Let us pray they will soon give accurate information on effective treatment.
  4. For the work in UK of developing a vaccine.

Prayer for Government:

  1. For the Queen and her ongoing good influence.
  2. Boris Johnson our Prime Minister.
  3. The other ministers in the cabinet.
  4. All the scientists advising the government.
  5. The opposition, that they will provide constructive criticism without trying to score political points.

Prayer for the World:

  1. For the family of the man who was killed in US by police brutality.
  2. That the violent protest in US will be replaced by constructive dialogue and repentance.
  3. For a repenting of racism in US AND UK INCLUDING OUR CHURCHES.
  4. For Africa that during this pandemic other killer diseases such malaria are not overlooked as seems to be happening at present.


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