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Friday 31 July 20

Prayer points:

For God to heal the sick and infected. To sustain bodies and spirits. For our vulnerable population. For those who need treatment that has been postponed due to the pandemic.

Pray for those suffering from mental health challenges who feel isolated, anxious and helpless, and for God to provide them with the necessary support.

Pray for front line health care workers to be protected, for wisdom and to be knowledgeable about the diagnoses and treatment, remain clear-minded and stress free, be delivered from anxiety.

Pray for the homeless and other communities who are unable to practice the protocols of social distancing in the shelter system, to be protected from disease and to continue being provided with shelter.

Pray for business leaders to make effective decisions which affect the lives of their employees, for God to give them wisdom and to help them lead self-sacrificially. Pray for those who are in financial difficulty and for those who have lost their employment.

Pray for the scientific community to continue developing our understanding of the virus, pray for God to give them knowledge, wisdom and a sense of direction.

Pray for the governments and those in charge of countries to allocate resources as necessary to combat the pandemic most efficiently. Pray for wisdom and guidance for our world leaders.

Pray for church leaders across the world who are faced with the challenges of social distancing, for God to give them wisdom as they prepare for churches to re-open to keep everyone attending safe. Prayers for God to establish new leadership and continue to strengthen existing ones.

For the media to provide reliable, well informed information, keeping the consumers of media from anxiety and panic, and aid in the implementation of strategies against the spread of the virus.

Pray for Christian missionaries throughout the world, especially in areas where there are high rates of infection still increasing. May God provide them with words of hope and equip them to continue to love, bless and serve those around them.

Prayer for the forgiveness of sins and for protection from temptation. Prayers for patience and to be compliant with rules that are in place to protect the population.

Prayers for WCBC: Reopening, search for senior minister, unity, mission, congregation.

Prayers of thanksgiving, for God's grace and mercy over our lives. For God answering our prayers.

Friday 24 July 20

Prayer points:

Thanksgiving for everyone (opportunity for testtimonys)

Prayer for families and the summer holidays

Prayer for the easing of lockdown and church opening

Prayer for the Leaders (Church, Government UK and the World)

Prayer for Healing and controlling the predicted second wave of Covid 19

Prayer For WCBC (congregation, activities and mission in Croydon)

Friday 17 July 20

Prayer points:
  1. Prayer to continue calling upon God for salvation.
    Luke 18:13-14
  2. Prayer for us to stop leaving a sinful lifestyle.
    Psalm 66:18
    1 John 1:9
  3. Prayer for us to continue putting our trust in God.
    Psalm 34:15
  4. Prayer for God's mercy
    Daniel 9:18
  5. Prayer to cautiously wait for God to work on our behalf.
    Psalm 5:3
  1. Prayer for God to align all our devotions with his will.
    1 John 5:14
  2. Prayer for us to be purposeful when asking God for something.
    James 4:3
  3. Prayer for us to surrender our will to God's in complete confidence.
    Matthew 26:42
  4. Prayer for us to have faith in God.
    Mark 9:24
  5. Prayer for God's will to be accomplished through our supplications.
    James 5:16

Friday 10 July 20

Prayer points:
  • Praise
  • Waiting
  • Confession
  • The word
  • Intercession
  • Petition
  • Thanksgiving
  • Singing
  • Meditation
  • Listen

Friday 3 July 20

Prayer points:

Prayers of those in our Church community:

  • For those who are mourning the loss of loved ones, family and friend at this time.
  • For those self-isolating at home, pray for their mental health and wellbeing, may they be able to deal with the sense of loneliness and realise that God's presence is with them.
  • For those at home with children and young ones, may they be able help them engage with school work and cope with distractions.
  • For those working or returning to work. May they be safe in their travel and interaction with others at work.
  • Prayers for Jill Farnfield and Peter Hall suffering with non-covid illness.

Prayers for Church:

  • For preparation to re-engage in a fuller church life in coming weeks.
  • For the preparation of church layout and signage.
  • For those involved in Church Online. We praise and thank those involved up front and behind the scenes. And we pray that their efforts will be a blessing on those in our Church community.
  • For RDC as they open up in a limited way next week.

Prayer for NHS and Care Sector workers:

  • We thank you for all our NHS and Care Sector Workers. We pray for their safety.
  • We pray for their families left at home.
  • And when all this is over may they be recognised appropriately.

Prayer for Government action:

  • Pray for the further release of the lockdown and that this will be done safely.
  • Thanks for the decline in the number of Covid 19 cases and deaths across our community in particular in London.
  • Pray for the areas that have seen a new outbreak on the virus.
  • Pray for no new peak of infections


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