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Friday 25 September 20

Prayer points:
  1. Psalm 66
  2. Praise and adoration
    1. Praise God for who He is
  3. Thanksgiving
    1. Personal
    2. Our church - including church services in the building resuming
    3. National life and worldwide
  4. Confession - 2 Chronicles 7 v14
    1. Personal
    2. As a church (national and worldwide church). Luke warm, comfortable, hardened hearts, lacking love etc
    3. As a nation and as the human race
  1. Hear our cry!
    1. For our church, WCBC
      • Moving forward (Isaiah 43 v18-19, Philippians 3 v13-14)
      • Unity, love, working together
      • Reaching out, Alpha
      • Students, youth and children
      • Struggles of members of the congregation
      • Minister search
      • other
    2. For our nation
      • COVID 19 continuing situation
        • Anxiety and worry
        • NHS
        • Increased restrictions
        • Universities and schools
        • Uncertain economic situation. Jobs
        • Wisdom for government and scientific advisors
      • Brexit
      • Other
    3. Our world
      • COVID 19 impact on different countries and peoples
      • Ongoing conflicts
      • US election and tensions
      • Environmental concerns for the planet
      • Other
  2. Prayer requests

Friday 18 September 20

Prayer points:

Thanksgiving for everyone (opportunity for testimonies)

Thanks for the successful reopening of Church gatherings

Prayer for families and all children at school and young adults starting University(protection against second wave)

Prayer for the Leaders (Church, Government UK and the World)

Prayer for Healing & Devine intervention for family members, friends, colleagues, country's (Sudan & South Sudan Rain & Floods)

Prayer For WCBC (congregation, activities and mission in Croydon)

Friday 11 September 20

Prayer points:
  • Prayers for our financial economy.

  • Prayers for Authority.
    Those how are in Leadership, which we really on; Government, Hospitals, doctors.

  • Prayers for charity doors are not opening due to mass gathering issues.

  • Prayers for family.

  • Really on food banks and general public to continue to donate.

  • Prayers to be spiritual Equip, to overcome those issue with our daliy challenged.

Friday 4 September 20

Prayer points:
  1. Praise and adoration.
  2. Thanks for God's goodness to us during the pandemic.
  3. Prayers for West Croydon Baptist Church.
    1. the opening of the church this Sunday.
    2. the development of our online ministries.
    3. the development of youth online.
    4. telephone contact with the elderly etc.
    5. the work of the Refugee Day Centre.
    6. our Romanian and Iranian brothers and sisters as they go back to church.
    7. the upkeep of the church building.
    8. those in our church who are grieving.
    9. the calling of our next minister.
  4. Those we know who are ill.
  1. The Covid situation in UK. a.trace and testing.
    1. return to school.
    2. prevention of job losses.
    3. all food banks in UK.
    4. new treatments.
    5. development of a vaccine hopefully by Christmas.
  2. The government.
    1. wisdom in the Brexit negotiations and a just outcome.
    2. the handling of the economy.
    3. for policies that will help lessen climate change.
    4. for the protection of foreign aid.
  3. That people with mental health problems will get the care they need.
  4. Countries in trouble.
    1. Zimbabwe.
    2. Byelaruss.
    3. Yemen.
  5. The persecuted church throughout the world.


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