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Friday 11 December 20

Praise and Thanksgiving - Psalms 138: 1-3

we enter your gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praise
we praise God from whom all blessings flow
we praise God for who He is and what He is
we thank God for His favour and mercies since Jan till now, as we see year end approaching
Not unto us oh Lord but unto you alone be all the glory - Psalms 115: 1


  • We thank God for WCBC community of believers and worshippers
  • We pray for youths and children, for the elderly and vulnerable, and for all who at this time feel isolated, anxious or fearful - that they may know God's peace and love
  • We pray for all who face work or financial challenges, that God may grant them breakthrough and His provision
  • We pray for all who suffer with mental health challenges or other medical conditions, that Jehovah Rapha will grant healing and restoration of good health
  • We pray for WCBC leaders, for wisdom and vision to know the mind of God and to fulfil the will of God, in the search for a senior minister and in taking the church forward according to God's plans
  • We pray for repentance and renewal amongst God's people in WCBC

UK Society

  • We pray for all who are sick in body, mind, spirit and soul (discouraged, stressed out or fearful) as a result of coronavirus or its aftermath - for God's divine healing and deliverance
  • We pray that people will act responsibly and obey government regulations in these coming days, so we all can live peaceably and safely
  • We pray for all workers - NHS, keyworkers, transport sector, retail sector, education sector, social care sector - for God's divine protection and wisdom for all to do the right thing
  • We pray for our students - primary, secondary and university - for God's hands upon them so they recover all they have lost in their learning and development as a result of this pandemic
  • We pray that the spiritual reawakening that has come upon people during this pandemic will continue, that more people will have an awareness of their mortality and be drawn to life-transforming resources online and through various other means
  • We pray that the joy and peace of God will fill hearts and lives during this Christmas season

UK government

  • We pray for all in authority over us in UK, in particular the PM Boris Johnson, that the fear of God will rule over them so they make decisions and policies in line with the will and purpose of God for this nation
  • We pray for those believers in government - MPs, Lords, ministers, that they will be bold to declare God's words and standards and be used of God to fulfil His purpose and plans for the UK
  • We pray for all in government, from elected officials to civil servants to ministers - that God will give them wisdom and clarity of vision to be faithful in whatever they are assigned to do
  • We pray Father, let Your Kingdom come here in UK as in heaven and let there be revival
  • We pray for restoration in the economy of the land, for revived businesses and organisations
  • We pray that God's wisdom guide our leaders as they finalise Brexit deal and the plans for thereafter
  • We pray for spiritual reawakening in the UK, that every knee will bow and every tongue confess to the Lordship of Jesus in this land

Our World

  • We pray for justice and equity in all nations of the world - that world leaders will fear God and eschew racism and discrimination in all aspects
  • We pray for an end to coronavirus plague in all nations of the world, by God's divine intervention
  • We pray that the fear of God will take over the hearts and minds of leaders, so they will do what is right and just for their citizens
  • We pray for nations where there is war, that peace will reign. We remember Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia and others
  • We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that salvation through the name of Jesus may come to the land of Israel
  • We pray for USA that they will know peace and fulfil the plan of God for their country
  • We pray for revived economies for all nations of the world - that fresh opportunities, fresh ideas will come up, that will usher in hope and blessings where recession and despondency has been looming

Friday 4 December 20

Prayer points:
  • For God to heal the sick. To sustain bodies and spirits. For the UK's vulnerable population. For those who need any sort of hospital treatment that has been postponed due to the pandemic and the lockdowns.
  • Pray for those suffering from mental health challenges who feel isolated, anxious and helpless, and for God to provide them with the necessary support. Pray for anxieties surrounding preparations for Christmas, the Christmas gathering restrictions and for anyone who may be alone over this period.
  • Pray for front line health care workers to be protected, for wisdom and to have all the necessary knowledge for diagnoses and treatment, remain clear-minded and stress free, be delivered from anxiety and worries.
  • Pray for the homeless and refugee communities, to be protected from disease and to continue being provided with shelter. Pray for the refugee day centre at WCBC and to continue being effective and supported.
  • Pray for God to be in control of the safety checks of the current and future COVID-19 vaccines and the current planned rollout of the Pfinzer/BioNtech vaccine to those who need it most urgently.
  • Pray for the governments and those in charge of countries to allocate resources as necessary to combat the pandemic most efficiently. Pray for wisdom and guidance for our world leaders.
  • Pray for church leaders across the world and the UK who are faced with the challenges of social distancing, for God to give them wisdom as they prepare for re-opening, Christmas and the new year.
  • For the media to provide reliable, accurate information, keeping the consumers of media from anxiety and panic.
  • Prayers for patience with and to be compliant with the new lockdown tier system that is in place to protect the population.
  • Prayer for the borough of Croydon: wisdom regarding the council's budget and drastic cuts to jobs and services.
  • Prayers for WCBC: Christmas programme, love and unity, healing, peace over those who lost family, leadership team, Senior Minister.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving, for God's grace and mercy over our lives. For God answering our prayers.


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