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Friday 29 January 21

Prayer points:
  1. We praise God That His love still reaches His people in this time of difficulty and that he has enabled His church to relate to each other by zoom and by phone.
  2. For WCBC
    • Pray for those who've been infected with Covid.
    • Pray for the vulnerable and needy in our church and that all their needs will be met.
    • Pray for the continuing work of the Refugee Day Centre.
    • Pray for the next Alpha course in March.
    • Pray for continued blessing on those contributing to the zoom services. Pray that they will be a blessing to all including those not part of our church.
    • Pray for when our church can safely reopen again.
  1. For the Covid crisis
    • Pray for everyone suffering through the lockdown.
    • Pray for those infected with Covid whether at home or in hospital.
    • Pray that the rates of infection and deaths will continue to fall and that our community will continue to obey the rules.
    • We praise God for the roll out of the vaccine across our country.
    • We pray that people will not listen to the anti-vaccine messages.
  2. For UK Government
    • We pray for our Government at this time of crisis and all those who advise them.
    • We pray that they will have wisdom in their actions and particularly in their interaction with the EU.
    • We also pray for our regional Governments and local council leaders.

Friday 22 January 21

Prayer points:

Praise and Thanksgiving

Praise is commanded of Gods people (Psalm 68:32)
Praise is due to God alone ( 1 Ch 16:25)


For Gods instruction (Psalms 106:-13)
For Gods Promise (Luke 24:-49)
For Gods Kingdom. (Mark 15) For Gods Kingdom. (1 Th 1:10)

A Prayer for Gods will to be done

Through the Law. (Romans 7:-12)
Through the prophets (Jer 42:3-4)
Jesus Christ obeyed his father will ( Matt 26:39)
Jesus Christ death fulfilled Gods Law (Gal 1:3-4)
Gods will for the world (Psalms 33:5)

A prayer for Perseverance

Perseverance in Faith (Matt 24:12-13)
Perseverance in prayer. (Luke 18:1-8)
Perseverance in demonstrated christians character. (2 Co 1:21-22)

Prayers for the Church

Jesus Christ is the head of the church
He Loves the church (Eph 5:-25)- John (10:-10)
He cares for the church (John 10:14-15)-(Eph 5:-29)
He provides for the church (Ep 4:15-16)

For the Community we live

in the Borough of Croydon Leaders of the council Hospital staff, (Nurse, Doctors, porters, cleaners)
Police ( Night and Day Staff) Custody Staff (police)
Fire crew Care staff (Elderly Homes)
School College Job Opportunity Housing for (Homeless and the Vulnerable)
Metal Health Needs
The Elderly who are house bound

Friday 15 January 21

Prayer points:
  1. Praise for who God is, his love and holiness, thanksgiving that we are alive, that he is looking after us and that we can meet despite covid, by phone and zoom.

  2. FOR WCBC:

    1. We pray for your blessing and peace on all believers at WCBC.
    2. We pray that outsiders will be drawn to our website.
    3. We pray for the work of Helping Hands and the Refugee Day Centre as they distribute food and clothes to the needy.
    4. We pray for the vulnerable and needy in our church, that their physical, emotional and spiritual needs will be met.
    5. We pray that our children will not fall behind in their education.
    6. We pray that the jobs of our members will be protected.
    7. We pray for the forthcoming Alpha course in March that many will attend, be saved and be added to our number.
    8. We pray for the leadership that God will grant strength, unity and wisdom.
    9. We pray for unity in the bond of peace for WCBC.
    10. We pray for all who are ill in WCBC.

    1. We pray for all who are in hospital with covid in UK especially for those on ventilators.
    2. We pray that the infection rate will go down.
    3. We pray that the death rate will go down.
    4. We pray that all frontline workers will be protected from covid.
    5. We thank and praise God for the vaccine.
    6. We pray that the supply of vaccine will be increased and that it be rolled out as soon as possible.
    7. We pray that people will not listen to the anti vaccine conspiracy theorists.
    8. We pray that all will adhere to the government guidelines about staying at home as much as possible and wearing masks.

    1. We pray for minimal disruption following Brexit.
    2. We thank God for all the work the Government is doing to manage this huge crisis.
    3. We pray God will grant wisdom to our leaders.
    4. We pray for the salvation of Boris Johnson.

    1. We pray for believers in North Korea: that the church will continue to grow despite the most severe persecution in the world, and that they will be protected from Covid and be able to get medicine safely from outside the country.
    2. We pray for courage for Christians in China to keep worshipping and sharing Jesus with others, although revised legislation in 2018 has made this much harder and more dangerous.
    3. We pray for all Christians in Afghanistan to be protected and find ways safely to access the word of God and communicate with other believers.
    4. We pray for Rohingya Christians in Myanmar to be protected both from the Government and from other Rohingyas who are mainly Muslims.

Friday 8 January 21

Prayer points:
  1. Praise, worship and thanks to God for this new year (Psalms 145)

  2. Lord, let your presence be with us in this new year. Let your will be done, your name be glorified in 2021 and beyond in our and in your church. (Exodus 33:14, Matthew 6:10)

  3. Lord grant me spiritual awakening in my life as we keep our focus on you in 2021. Give us in WCBC a new revelation of yourself (Heb 12:2, Isaiah 9:2) 4.Break every oppression and yoke from our lives (Exodus 15:26, Isaiah 9:4)

  4. Lord, restore all that has been lost to your daughters - we will pursue, overtake and recover all in 2021 (1 Samuel 30:8)

  5. Lord bring revival to our Church/nation as the your brides prepare for our Bridegroom, Jesus is coming soon (2 Chron 7:14, Psalm 85:6)

  1. 'And He said, My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest' (Exodus 33:14)

  2. No divination nor enchantment against WCBC will stand (Num 23:23)

  3. The church was born with fire on the day of Pentecost and it must it must live and grow with this fire. (Acts 2:1-21)

  4. Baptise us with fire and the Holy Ghost (Mat 3:11-12)

  5. The Lord will grant WCBC great deliverance (Ps 18:50)

  6. Lord teach us to offer ourselves to you on the altar, a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God (Rom 12:1-2)


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