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Friday 30 April 21

Prayer points:
  1. Thanks giving prayer for everyone(opportunity for testimonials)
  2. Thanking God for his Faithfulness, Love and protection
  3. Prayer for Croydon Churches and the responsibility God has given us towards our community
  4. Prayer for the Youth in Croydon and for Gods protection against Covid19 and gangs
  5. Prayer for Croydon council financial problems and services delivery
  6. Prayer for Croydon hospital(CUH) protection for workers and patients, healing and restoration
  1. Prayers for the government Godly wisdom, implementation of the roadmap, integrity and honesty, help and Godly strength for Christian MPs
  2. Prayer for WCBC
    • Families who have lost loved ones,
    • Prayer for our Members Prayer for our Youth
    • Prayer for our Church Leaders
    • Prayer for Church activities
    • Prayer for specific members

Friday 23 April 21

Psalm 118:1 NIV

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Pray for WCBC

  • Pray for the membership well being, those who are sick and grieving.
  • For the coming church meeting
  • That the technology will be accessible on the day.
  • Members will treat each other with love and respect.
  • Leadership for wisdom, knowledge and understandi ng
  • Settlement process - call of a senior minister - for God's leading and direction
  • That we won't grow weary but keep the faith knowing that God has WCBC in his hands.
  • For the youth and children and those who lead the online meetings with them.
  • Finances and giving

Local and national

  • We thank God for the easing lockdown.
  • That as a nation we will be mindful of each other and adhere to the rules.
  • The continued protection of NHS staff
  • The rollout of the vaccine
  • Those who have concerns about the vaccine, that their fears will be allayed.
  • The mayoral election.
  • "COVID-19 passports" that the Government takes time to discuss the pros and cons and consults widely.
  • Pray for the econmy of the nation and Croydon in particular.
  • Local and national government
  • Unrest in Northern Ireland


  • La Soufriere in St Vincent still erupting - pray for the people and other islands that have been affected.
  • USA - with the ending of the George Floyd murder case
  • India- new variant of COVID-19 virus is kept under control
  • Environmental issues
  • Countries that are dear to your heart

Friday 16 April 21

Roman 12 v12

12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Prayers of praise, adoration and thanksgiving!

  • Particularly anything good that has come about because of this pandemic season. Lockdown positives.

Those who mourn and grieve

  • Church members and those connected to our church
  • Queen and the Royal family
  • Those left on their own or cannot be close to family at this time. Loneliness

Our church, WCBC

  • Thanks for safe and successful reopening of the building for services. No turning back this time! May more things be able to resume in the coming months
  • Thanks for seeing us through this past year of lockdowns
  • Thanks for new and innovative ways we have been able to stay connected over the last year
  • Thanks for all the ministers and guest speakers that have supported us and continue to do so
  • The deacons. For wisdom, discernment, guidance, insight, strength, love
  • Revd Phil Barnard, our moderator during interregnum and regional team leader for London Baptists
  • Our search for a new senior minister
  • The Lord to rebuild this church stronger than before. Renewal. Revival
  • Truly seek God's face for the future. His will for us. His vision for us revealed
  • Upcoming church meeting will run smoothly, especially the technology side for those needing to join via Zoom.
  • Children and Youth who have been without their normal groups for over a year. May they nor drift away from God. Thanks for Nehemie and the Youth team as they seek to engage the Youth via Zoom meetings
  • For those struggling with church being different. Feeling isolated.
  • Helping Hands. For Simon and all those seeking to meet the needs of those who are struggling in some way and that anyone in need feels comfortable to ask for help
  • That all our needs as a church would continue to be met
  • Croydon Refugee Day Centre.

Wider church: UK and worldwide

  • Work together to spread the Good News
  • Seek God's face moving forward out of Lockdown
  • New ways and creativity to reach those that don't know the Jesus yet
  • Revival
  • Persecuted church around the world. Continued courage. Protection from harm. Thanks for growth


  • Thanks that coronavirus numbers have come right down. May it continue
  • Easing of lockdown
  • No new variants to spread
  • Roll out of the vaccine will continue well and safely
  • Those struggling with Long Covid symptoms
  • NHS workers. Strength and peace. Pray against exhaustion, emotional trauma, PTSD, strain on family relationships
  • Pupils and students preparing for exams in uncertain situations
  • Education staff and the constant new challenges
  • Mental and physical health of all
  • Government and leaders of all UK nations
  • Fair and humane treatment of refugees and all the most vulnerable in society


  • Coronavirus impact around the world. Spikes in Europe and extreme numbers in Brazil
  • Fair and safe roll out of the vaccine to all nations, especially the poorest ones
  • All leaders. Love for ALL people to be at the heart of all decisions
  • Tensions in US with George Floyd murder trial ongoing and other police incidents
  • Withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan over the coming months to go smoothly
  • Environment crisis to be taken seriously by all leaders
  • Other areas of unrest around the world

1 Thessalonians 5 v23-24

23 May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.

Friday 9 April 21

Prayer points:
  1. Pray for God to have mercy on our country and the world
  2. Pray for a Spirit of Brokenness and Repentance
  3. Pray for unity in churches and families
  4. Pray for global spiritual awakening and an outpouring of evangelism
  5. Pray for those in Education (i.e. schools, colleges and universities)
  6. Pray for those who have lost their jobs and are currently facing hardship
  7. Pray for those who are sick, vulnerable, lonely and isolated
  8. Pray for Salvation and Wisdom in Government and other (i.e. church, school, education etc.) Leaders
  9. Pray for Sweeping Revival in The Church

Friday 2 April 21

Prayer points:
  1. WCBC
    • As we open again on Easter Sunday may we all know God's presence whether we are watching from home or present in the Sanctuary. Bless all those leading us.
    • Pray for our leadership, give them wisdom and insight, and in particular direction in seeking a new minister. May they know unity in all they do.
    • Pray for restoration of unity in the wider body of Christ.
    • Pray for those among us suffering ill health, whether Covid or otherwise, may they know healing and peace.
    • Pray for our children and youth and those providing ministry on-line for them.
  2. Covid. Situation in UK
    • We thank You Lord for the successful role out of the vaccine program. Pray for the continued success of the program to future groups and that the anti-vaccine propaganda will be defeated.
    • Pray for those working in the NHS for their safety and mental wellbeing.
    • Pray that the rate of infection and deaths will continue to fall.
    • Pray for the easing of lock down and that the rules will continue to be obeyed.
    • Pray for our near neighbours in the EU where outbreak is more widespread
    • We thank You that rates on infection in Croydon remain low.
  1. UK Government
    • Pray that our leaders will be guided in their activities at this time of pandemic.
    • Pray for wisdom in dealing with race relations in light of the recent commissioned report.
    • Pray for recovery of the economy as lock down continues to open up.
    • Pray for recent pressure that the police force has been under.
  2. The world
    • Pray for a fairer distribution of Covid vaccines, not just among the richer nations, but also to the poorer nations.
    • Pray for unrest and insurgency in parts of Africa and the Middle East.
    • Pray for civil unrest in Myanmar following the military coup.
    • Pray for persecuted Christians around the world.


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