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Friday 28 May 21

Prayer points:

Church life

  • Pray for the sick, needing a healing touch. And those mourning the loss of a loved one.
  • Thanks for the Church meeting last Sunday which passed off peacefully.
  • Pray for the children and youth ministries and those serving in this area of Church life.
  • Pray for the settlement process. We trust God to lead us to the right person for WCBC and leadership in this process.
  • Pray for the ongoing works needed in the church building and wisdom for those serving on the Building Committee.
  • Refugee Day Centre
  • Pray for church finance.

Covid. Situation in UK

  • We thank you Lord for the successful roll out of the vaccine program.
    Pray that the roll out to further groups will be as successful and that negative propaganda will be overcome.
  • Thank you for the continued fall of infection rates and that this will continue.
  • Pray for the successful easing of lockdown.
  • Pray for those working in the NHS.
  • Pray for those in Government managing the crisis.


  • Pray That the spread of infection in India will be contained.
  • Pray for their health care system.
  • Pray that support and supplies from other countries will be forthcoming.

Friday 21 May 21

Prayer points:

Our Employment Place (Genesis 2:2)

  • Longer hours
  • Not respected/ or heard
  • Bullied
  • Stressed
  • Not being yourself
  • return back to back
  • Promoted
  • Over looked
  • Retirement
  • Unsocial hours

Our Country (Luke 7:17)

  • Policing
  • Government
  • Councils
  • Charity
  • Local Shops
  • Building Homes
  • Regeneration
  • Human Trafficking
  • Covid 19
  • Hospital
  • Elderly Homes
  • Royal Family
  • Diversity

Our Church (Acts 20:28)

  • Pastor
  • Building Project
  • Giving
  • Young Adults/youth
  • Leadership Team
  • New Believers
  • Promote unity in the church

Our Neighbours (John 13:34-35)

  • Help us to recognised who is our Neighbours

Ourselves (Job 34:4)

  • Prayerful Life
  • Obedience to is word
  • Trust in the Lord
  • Love your Neighbour as yourself
  • Ask for Forgiveness

Friday 14 May 21

Prayer points:


  1. Praise God for who He is.
  2. Thank God for our lives, preservation, salvation and the hope of eternal glory.


  1. For our prayer life.
  2. For our reading of scripture.
  3. For our personal worship and love of God.
  4. For our willingness to obey God whatever the cost.


  1. For renewal and revival in WCBC.
  2. For those in our church who are sick or grieving loss of loved ones.
  3. Pray that regardless of differences of opinion, members will treat each other with love and respect.
  4. Pray for those in WCBC facing challenges in work or finances.
  5. For the elderly in WCBC that they will know you have a purpose for their lives in WCBC.
  6. For youth and children in WCBC and those who lead them.
  7. For the leadership to have wisdom, knowledge and dedication to God's will for WCBC.
  8. For the right senior pastor to be led by the Holy Spirit to WCBC.
  9. For church finances and giving.
  10. For the building committee and the fabric of the church.


  1. Pray for all the councillors that they will strive to meet the needs of the poor despite the financial constraints due to previous mismanagement.
  2. Pray for the Housing Department that accommodation will be provided quickly and fairly according to need, justice and mercy.
  3. Pray for teachers and TAs in Croydon's schools that excellent teaching will be provided so that all children can catch up.
  4. Pray for the police and for excellent preservation of law and order without discrimination and that all murder cease on our streets.
  5. Pray for all health care workers in Croydon.
  6. Pray that the Indian variant will be prevented from spreading in Croydon.
  7. That people in Croydon will be obedient and sensible concerning Covid.


  1. For all the decisions about the covid situation to be absolutely correct and timely.
  2. For the Indian and other variants to be contained.
  3. For the vaccine to be speedily rolled out.
  4. For the salvation of Boris Johnson and any others in Government or Parliament who do not know the Lord.
  5. For correct decisions about foreign travel.
  6. For peace in Northern Ireland.


  1. The persecuted church in North Korea.
  2. Pray for the covid situation in India that it will be rapidly brought under control.

Friday 7 May 21

Praise: Psalm 47: 6-7

Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises! For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with understanding.

Thanksgiving: Psalm 105: 1-2

Oh give thanks to the Lord. Call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples! Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; Talk of all His wondrous works!


  • Thank God for His purpose and plan for His church here, that it will not go unfulfilled
  • Pray John 13 vs 35 upon WCBC
  • Pray for renewal and revival in WCBC - we need your fire again oh Lord
  • Pray for members and attendees who face challenges (health, finances, family etc)
  • Pray for the elderly in our community, to know God's touch in every area of life
  • Pray for our children and youths - for God's protection and guidance over them
  • Pray for healing on all who are ill, and comfort on all who are bereaved
  • Pray that God will send labourers into His work in WCBC
  • Pray for our deacons - for God's wisdom and discernment, for strength and unity
  • Pray for our new senior minister - to be led by the Holy Spirit to us in WCBC

In the UK

  • Pray for safety and protection of all healthcare and social care staff
  • Pray for schools and al educational sector - for staff to be guided aright and protected
  • Pray for students everywhere - for focus, understanding and protection
  • Pray for citizens to be law abiding and responsible
  • Pray for workers in every sector - for guidance, direction, favour of God on all
  • Pray the fire of revival will sweep through this land once again - claim UK for Jesus
  • Pray the renewed interest in Bible and things of God that started during pandemic will continue to bear spiritual fruits
  • Pray the word and power of God will permeate this nation, that all under influence and bondage of the devil will receive healing and deliverance
  • Pray a continued downward trend to the spread of coronavirus in this nation until it be totally eradicated

UK government

  • Pray for God's wisdom on our leaders and politicians
  • Pray especially for Boris Johnson - for salvation, for direction and leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Pray for successful easing of lockdown everywhere - without adverse effects
  • Pray the fear of God upon our leaders that they will rule in righteousness and equity
  • Pray that ungodly laws in the land be overturned and cancelled - that God will rule in the affairs of this nation
  • Pray against the spirit of disobedience in this land, in the leaders and the led
  • Pray for restoration of good business and economic success in the land
  • Pray that the church of God will take its rightful position in counselling and praying for our leaders

Our World

  • Pray for peace in all troubled nations - Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Eritrea, Somalia etc
  • Pray for persecuted Christians worldwide - mention countries you know
  • Pray for equity and justice worldwide - for world leaders to do right by their people
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Pray for spiritual reawakening everywhere - that the alarm be sounded loud and clear Maranatha


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