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Friday 30 July 21

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

Pray for the church - the body of Christ

  • We thank God for his faithfulness and praise him that he is continually walking with us day by day.
  • Church is not a place, it is a body, a family with blood ties through Jesus Christ. Pray for God's hand, presence and work in our church.
  • Pray that the church will be deeply committed to seeking God in prayer. Colossians 4:2 says, Devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving.
  • Pray for the church leaders to follow Christ and serve humbly. Pray for protection of their witness and example.
  • Pray that there will be enough volunteers to cover all the ministries of the church. Pray that volunteers will not be stretched thin and burned-out on serving but will maintain a balance between serving and being served.
  • Pray that the church will trust Jesus to grow the church, in His way and in His power.
  • Pray for those who are hurting, sick, have mental issues, financial problems etc.
  • Pray for God's power and protection against these attacks of the enemy.
  • Pray for the children and youth as well as their families
  • Pray for the search for a senior pastor as the settlement process changes.

COVID-19 situation in UK

  • We thank God for the lifting of restrictions and pray that society will follow necessary ongoing restrictions with patience and perseverance.
  • We pray for those who are still suffering the effects of the virus - long covid
  • Pray that the rise in infections will soon be on the decrease.
  • Pray for businesses as they grapple with the need for modifications to working practices and conditions in the workplace, asking that God would give creativity and the ability to resume their work safely and flexibly.
  • Pray for the "ping-demic" as more people are asked to isolate, and the effects felt in shortages in the shops and businesses having to close at short notice.

Local and UK Government

  • Pray for Croydon council - homeless, refugees and those in poverty
  • Pray for wisdom for our Prime Minister, his cabinet and all MPs
  • Pray for the right decisions regarding foreign travel.
  • Pray for trade deals as businesses look to fully open again.

The World

  • Peace in troubled areas
  • Pray for BMS World Mission and the new strategy. Pray that God would prepare paths for all those involved in implementing it and that the new strategy would be pivotal in carrying out God's work.
  • Pray for the persecuted church
  • Pray for the Olympics in Japan, that the games would be mainly COVID-19 free.

Friday 23 July 21

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lords people.
Ephesians 6:18

Our Church

  • Let us pray that God has loan us this church to take care of it, and lead others to become disciples of is Word.
  • Let us pray that we can work in one accorded to build God Kingdom in Croydon.
  • Let us pray that together with other Croydon Churches we can work together in unity.
  • Let us pray that Members and the New believers will return.
  • Let us pray for the leadership team and the worship team also.
  • Let us pray for the RDC, AA and our extending families.

Our Community

  • Let us pray for Job opportunities in Croydon
  • Let us pray for social housing to return for families.
  • Let us pray for students will be taking exams to go on to higher education.
  • Let us pray for students who are preparing for their first year in Uni and those who will be leaving.
  • Let us pray for families in need of food and clothes
  • Let us pray for the volunteer, using their own time to support those who need help in writing letters or reading a letter.
  • Let us pray for the Elderly has the restriction is lifted, they can take advantage of a daily walk.

Pray for the UK

  • Let us pray for the leaders of the country, The Queen and the royal family
  • Let us pray for Boris Johnson for is decision making more transparent.
  • Let us pray for Sadiq Khan has he decide how is spend the budget, which will is effect the local authority and Londoners pockets.
  • Let us pray for the ongoing work for the Police, Doctors and Nurse.
  • Let us pray for the trading between other countries the Importing and Exporting on goods will go run smoothly. Along with the Brexit deals.

Overseas Mission

  • Let us pray for the Missionary Group that are continually out in the front line spending the Gospel.
  • Let us pray for Christians who pay a price for following Jesus
  • Let us pray for church leaders who have to find new ways to meet with their flock.

Friday 16 July 21

Prayer points:

Prays for WCBC

  • Pray for guidance as we move forward toward opening up from Covid restrictions and that we will know the Lord's guidance
  • Pray that those who have been worshiping from home will know the Lord's protection to come back to Church
  • Pray for the Leadership as they prepare opening up of retractions over the coming months
  • Pray for the church meeting on Sunday-pray for the Lord's peace among us
  • Pray for the plans t0 open up children's and youth ministry in the autumn
  • Pray for the leadership in their efforts to seek a new minister

Pray for the UK

  • Pray for wise decisions in opening up of Covid restrictions in the whole of the UK
  • Pray that those told to isolate by track and trace will be wise in their decision
  • Pray for the continued roll out vaccine among the younger generation
  • Pray that the increased infection rate from recent sporting and other social events will be kept under control
  • Pray for NHS during present restriction and control backlog of other cases

Pray for the World

  • Pray for opening up of Afghanistan following withdrawal of foreign troops
  • Civil unrest in:
    • South Africa
    • Cuba
    • Iraq
  • Flooding in western Germany where many have died or are missing
  • Continued roll out of vacine

Friday 9 July 21

Prayer points:

Praise and thanksgiving:

  • Thanks for God's constant loving care of us.
  • Thanks for freedom of worship in this country.
  • Thanks for freedom to tell others about Jesus Christ.
  • Thanks for the homes we live in.
  • Thanks for the food we eat and the abundance of choice we have.
  • Thanks for the wonders of nature all around us.
  • Thanks above all for our salvation through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Prayers For WCBC:

  • For our leaders.
  • For our members that everyone will be galvanised into action.
  • For any who are sick among us at this time.
  • For those who mourn the death of loved ones.
  • For the safe and wise opening of the church in the near future.
  • For Little Jewels.
  • For children and young peoples' work in the church.
  • For the repair and maintenance of the church building.
  • For the finances of the church that all members will be inspired to sacrificial giving.
  • For a new pastor.

Prayers for the UK:

  • For children's' education.
  • For all NHS workers.
  • For police and law and order.
  • For the prevention of knife crime and domestic violence.
  • For sensible evidence based decisions about covid.
  • That the decision to reduce overseas aid from 0.7% of GNP to 0.5% of GNP be reversed.

Prayers for the World:

  • That the Taliban be prevented from taking over Afghanistan.
  • That vaccines be rapidly rolled out to all countries in the world.
  • That the terrible wave of covid in India continue to abate.
  • That there be better governance on Brazil.
  • That the terrible persecution of Christians in North Korea be stopped.

Friday 2 July 21

Prayer points:

Praise and Thanksgiving:

Psalm 103 vs 1-5 Bless the Lord O my soul; and all that is within me, Bless His holy name

  • We bless the Lord (praise and thank Him) with everything inside of us
  • We bless the Lord as we remember all His benefits and blessings -over the past year, for instance
  • We bless the Lord as we remember that He forgives our sins and remembers them no more
  • We bless the Lord as we remember that He heals us of all diseases, and redeems us from all that wants to destroy us
  • We bless the Lord as we remember all His love and mercies and provisions over us


  • Thank God for steady return of services and activities in our fellowship at WCBC;
  • Pray for God's peace and assurance on those who are still worried / concerned about a physical return to the building;
  • Pray for healing and restoration for all who are sick - physical, spiritual and mental;
  • Pray for God's provisions for all struggling financially or job-wise;
  • Pray for the different age-groups in our church family - children, youths, adults and elderly - that God will reach each group in their areas of need;
  • Pray for workers for our children and youth ministries; workers in our welcome team and other areas in church life;
  • Pray God's vision for WCBC to come alive through the working of the Holy Spirit in our midst;
  • Pray for the church meeting coming up on 18th July - that God will be in our midst and He will be glorified;
  • Pray specifically in the words of Zephaniah 3: 16-17 that our God will visit us in WCBC again;
  • Pray for the new senior minister coming to WCBC, that there will be clarity for the minister and clarity for our leaders through the help of the Holy Spirit;
  • We pray God's peace on all who mourn - in the words of our Lord in Matthew 5: 4

In the UK

  • Pray that people will be responsible and caring towards one another as we navigate the new climate of 'no more restrictions';
  • Pray that God will arise and totally destroy the sting of coronavirus, putting a stop to deaths from this virus; Psalm 46: 1-2 we pray;
  • Pray for a spiritual revival in the land - that those who have been drawn to God and the word of God in the lockdown period will not go back to previous life without God;
  • Pray for restoration in families and marriages - that all the damage that lockdown and pandemic has brought will be redressed and there will be unity and love restored;
  • Pray for all sectors of the economy to receive vitality and life as everywhere opens up again and that all that has been lost will be recovered by God's miracle - only God can do this;
  • Pray that workers everywhere will be bold to go out and carry out their businesses as before - that we will not be a nation living in fear;

UK government

  • Pray for integrity and righteousness in our political system -
  • That those who know God will not hide their light but will be bold to work for Jesus in whatever political sphere God has put them;
  • That God will touch the hearts of those who do not know Him as well, and cause them to do His bidding;
  • Pray that ungodly laws in this land be cancelled and the fear of God rule everywhere, as we claim this nation for Jesus;
  • Pray for our PM and the ministers who rule in the land - that God's hands will direct them and His wisdom lead them so we can live a peaceable life as 1 Timothy 2: 1-3 says;
  • Pray for Queen Elizabeth, God's comfort and strength on her and peace in the wider family;

Our World

  • We pray for healing of the nations - physically, economically and spiritually;
  • Pray for christians in Iran facing trials following their newly amended laws, and for those in India facing constant persecution;
  • Pray for christians in North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Pakistan - the top 5 countries with christian persecution so far this year 2021
  • Pray for an end to the wars in Syria and Yemen
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem


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