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Friday 24 June 22

Prayer points:
  1. For unity amid diversity-loving those with whom we have nothing in common but the gospel.

  2. For faithful elders would use Scripture to train members to do the work of ministry.

  3. That a hunger for studying the gospel would form among members so that they can guide and guard one another in it.

  4. That transparent, meaningful relationships would become normal and remaining anonymous strange.

  5. That the preaching of God's Word-that it would be biblically careful and Holy Spirit imbued.

  6. That elders would remain above reproach, kept from temptation, complacency, idols, and worldliness.

  1. That the church's prayers would be infused with biblical ambitions, honesty, and humility.

  2. That the church's primary teachers grow in dedication to God's Word even when no one's watching. 9.For the healing of mind, body and soul.

  3. For peace in the world.

  4. For persecuted Christians.

  5. For the government and those in authority.

Friday 17 June 22

Prayer points:

Forever God is faithful, forever God is strong, Forever God is with us, Forever and ever ... By the grace of God we will carry on His love endures forever and ever ...

Sing Praise, Think Praise: Let us begin by giving praise and thanksgiving to our Lord God for his loving kindness and faithfulness for answered and unanswered prayers.

Short testimonies and thanksgiving on the Father's love for us


Home news/church ministries/visiting preachers (last week - Psalm 121 (wow!)

Youth work: Sunday school and return of the younger age group/Elderly and home worship; The Leadership - God's overall protection for the body of Christ and their families

Charitable organisations/Home and abroad


The refugee crisis:
UKRAINE: fall-out from the war: economically and politically (global financial de-stabilisation and food shortages for many countries - inflation/financial markets People trafficking ('the Global conflict')

The Government, our Democracy, the BBC

As Christians what other practical or moral responsibilities do we have. Local issues (rail travel and relations with the Unions)


The Persecuted Church

Friday 10 June 22

Prayer points:

New Minister

  • We thank God for Denzell Larbi
  • Pray for him and his preparation for his new ministry
  • Pray for the leadership team as they prepare for his coming among us


  • Pray for those in leadership and helpers with increased numbers of migrants.
  • Pray that supplies to help the ministry will continue.
  • Pray for trustees.

Her Majesty the Queen

  • Pray for her continued health and well being


  • Cost of living crisis
  • Delays in treatment at the NHS
  • No 10 will recover from the challenge to their leadership


  • Pray that a path to peace with Russia
  • Pray for refugees where ever they may be
  • Pray for food supplies on which the west depends

Friday 3 June 22

Prayer points:
  • Praise & Thanksgiving
  • Queen
  • Royal Family
  • Commonwealth


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