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Friday 5 August 22

Proverbs 29:18 - NIV
Where there is no vision, the people perish.


  • For all God is doing in our lives.
  • For West Croydon Baptist Church.
  • For the rest many of us are enjoying the Summer.
  • For Denzil and Jamima.

West Croydon Church:

  • For the calling of all of us as volunteers.
  • For the protection of the building from break ins etc.
  • For the hiring and use of all rooms in the church.
  • For people in our church in need of healing and help.
  • That all the worship teams be inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • That newcomers be welcomed and gifts be identified and encouraged.
  • For cooperation with other churches.
  • That the congregation be truly rested and restored during this August.
  • That Denzil and Jamima be truly rested this August.

Refugee Day Centre:

  • For those who come during this August for food.
  • For all volunteers.
  • For the continuing transformation of RDC ready for September.


  • No more knife crime.
  • Excellent governance from the Council.
  • Proper preparation by the council for care of rough sleepers this Winter.
  • Outreach every Saturday by New Life.


  • That the right Person be chosen to be next Prime Minister.
  • That the right decisions be made about the economy and cost of living.
  • That net zero carbon emission be central and not watered down.
  • That correct decisions be made as regards Russia and China.


  • That there be much more dissent and protest in Russia against the war.
  • That moral in the Russian army break down making the war impossible.
  • That the counter offensive planned by Ukraine in Kherzon be successful with the minimum of bloodshed.
  • That the grain ships continue to leave Odessa without hindrance.


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