Gen Z Consent Form 2020-2021

19 August 2020

We would like to keep in contact with you all with news and updates on a regular basis and have your and your child’s details on file for any information that we need to communicate with you.
Please complete the following form, giving as much information as you wish, and feel is appropriate.

Please provide your details so we can let you know we have received it.
If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact the Gen Z leaders via or the contact number 020 8689 4527 (Church Office).
Alternatively download this form.

The Gen Z Team

First Child details

Second Child details (if appropriate)

Primary Parent/Carer's Details

Secondary Parent/Carer/Contact's Details (Optional)

Emergency Contact

Consent for Zoom Youth Meetings

At the beginning of September, WCBC will not be holding any children's and youth groups during the main service therefore we would like to hold Zoom sessions with Gen Z at some point in the week, either a Sunday afternoon or an evening in the week. This is with the intent of resuming face to face sessions, as soon as we can ensure it is safe to do so on the WCBC premises.

There would be two members of the Gen Z team online with their cameras on. For Gen Z members to attend these meetings we would highly recommend them to have their cameras on, so we are aware who is on the call. We will ONLY be sharing Zoom Youth Meeting details with parents and carers who have given consent for their children to take part.

Please indicate your preferences below:

Consent for personal contact

It may be useful for Gen Z leaders to contact your child in certain circumstances i.e. checking where they are if they are not present at a Gen Z related activity, they have committed to attend.

Please indicate your preferences below:

Consent for Social Media Use

WCBC is exploring the options of creating social media platforms such as a private Instagram page for Gen Z to follow and keep up to date with events, socials and snippets from youth leaders.

We will very rarely post pictures of the young people on our private social media group, however on the rare occasion of a group social we may film a short clip of an activity taking place or take a photo.

Please indicate your preferences below:


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